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Stone Protectors

‘Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds.’

– Buddha


Gargoyles are typically depicted as a winged, human-looking creature with demonic features including horns, a tail, talons, or a beak. Gargoyles can generally use their wings (if they have them) to fly or glide. They are often depicted as having a rocky hide and they are able to turn into stone, a reference to their structural roots. If they have no wings, they will scale the building’s outer walls to find a spot of residence. Gargoyles are known to protect buildings from evil spirits.

Gargoyles are guardians and protectors; they do not harm unless provoked. Gargoyles have been known to reveal themselves to someone willing to see their true heart. This creates a lifelong bond between the pair called a Dyad. The Gargoyle becomes a protector for the person and the person provides a home for the Gargoyle.

A Gargoyle is a creature that comes to life during the night and turns to stone during the day. They are alive and can see through their stone exterior. The younger the Gargoyle, the deeper it will sleep during the day. As it becomes hundreds of years old, it will be able to awaken during the day.


Gargoyles Watching on Notre Dame


The Gargoyle goes through two additional changes as it ages. It grows in size and it can change its pigment. When a Gargoyle reaches the age of a century it is able to change its size. It can make itself smaller to fit into tiny spaces or puff itself up to scare off enemies. Increasing its size can be beneficial if the Gargoyle needs to transport heavy items or fight older Gargoyles. The Gargoyle can also change its pigment to blend into its surroundings, appear invisible, or darken itself to a pebbly-black to appear more ferocious.

Once the Dyad bond is made with a person, dialogue can then be exchanged between them. The Gargoyle may be shy at first, hiding in the utmost part of a residence, staying to the shadows, even residing outside the entire time. They prefer to watch the person to whom they are bonded with, to see the interactions with people in their group. The Gargoyle is determining who they will associate with, who is worthy of their gifts.

The most significant gift a Gargoyle provides its Dyad partner, besides protection, is the ability to cast magic. Gargoyles and humans cannot cast spells by themselves, but they can when in Dyad. The person performs a spell from a Grimoire (spellbook) and the Gargoyle provides the Fae Magic needed to make the spell work. A perfect symbiotic relationship. The Gargoyle will only work with a person that performs ‘white magic’ or magic that will not harm. If the person attempts to perform a ‘black magic’ spell, the Dyad bond could be in jeopardy instantly.


Gargoyle Jumping at Bubbles


Gargoyles are known to stand guard, ward off evil spirits, and frighten away other creatures that seek harm. The more hideous and frightening in appearance, the better to scare off all sorts of dark creatures. At night they come to life and protect while we are asleep and vulnerable. As the sun rises, the Gargoyles resume their place once more to serve as guardians during the day where their fierce visage can be seen by all.


Would you bond with a Gargoyle?


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