Elemental Spirits to Guide Us

‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.’

– Buddha


Since before humans existed, our planet has been home to the Elementals. Even if we cannot see them, we can feel their existence. Paracelsus, the great Swiss alchemist, classified Elemental Beings in accordance with each Element of Earth (four is the natural order): Gnomes (Earth), Sylphs (Air), Salamanders (Fire), and Undines (Water). Mankind is the fifth element and is usually assigned to ether. The Elemental Beings are classified by how they protect or guard Gaia or Mother Earth.

The Earth Elementals are responsible for the protection and the healing of Earth. They use the energy from the crystals, gemstones, rocks, and stones. They protect Nature and work with the Angels. With the power of the gemstones and the crystals, they restore the weakened energies and recreate balance. The Earth Elementals are Gnomes, Elves, Brownies, Dryads, and other Earth Spirits.

Gnomes were first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century. Gnomes are known to be earth dwellers, burrowing deep into the ground and living in underground dwellings. They are attracted to earthly treasure and are thought to love the earth so much that they protect it from underneath. (Hence, Garden Gnomes!)

Elves are generally thought of as a group of beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty, ambivalent towards everyday people, and capable of either helping or hindering others. However, the precise character of Elves has varied considerably across time and different cultures. In Old Norse mythological texts, Elves were to be counted among the pagan gods; in medieval German texts, they seem more consistently monstrous and harmful.

Brownies are said to inhabit homes and aid in tasks around the house. However, they do not like to be seen and will only work at night, traditionally in exchange for small gifts of food. (They especially enjoy porridge and honey!) They will abandon the house if their gifts are called payments, or if the owners of the house misuse them. Brownies make their homes in an unused part of the house, often in attics and holes in walls.

Dryads are known as tree nymphs or tree spirits. In Greek, ‘drys’ meant ‘oak.’ Dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, though the term has come to be used for all tree nymphs in general. They are known to take care of the forests and trees.



Worshipping a Dryad Spirit


The Air Elementals are mainly responsible for the flowers, plants, and herbs. They help them grow and heal. They also mix the colors in nature. Air elementals help us by delivering our wishes and prayers to Angels above and to the higher realms. They help us with our mental balance, they communicate with us through our intuition, and they provide us with creativity and imagination. The Air Elementals are Fairies and Sylphs.

Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Diminutive Fairies have been recorded for centuries, but occur alongside the human-sized beings; these have been depicted as ranging in size from very tiny up to the size of a human child. Some fairies though normally quite small were able to grow their figures to imitate humans.

Sylphs often have thin, ethereal bodies that transform gracefully into a myriad of shapes as they soar through the air. Sylphs are able to travel great distances very quickly, and giant sylphs can actually span the skies and interpenetrate the earth, the water, and the fire elements. Sylphs conduct the currents of the mind of God into the mind of mankind. They also work to purify the air of pollutants—from car exhaust to toxic fumes emitted from factories and other industrial processes—before these can pollute the water and the earth.


Guardian Sylph Spirit


The Fire Elementals are the keepers of transformational energy. This is a powerful form of energy that creates spiritual, emotional, and mental transformation in humans. It is this energy that gives us the strength to go on and to move forward. Fire destroys the old, the weak, and creates new, stronger energy. It cleanses, purifies, and restores. The Fire Elementals are Salamanders and Djinns.

Salamanders are believed to be the unseen intelligent Fire Elements. They are the invisible beings that dance in the flames. Many times people see flames leap and ebb in response to a question or energy and it is thought to be the Salamander.

Djinn, also known as genies, are thought to be an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the Angels. They are able to appear in human form and they can possess humans. Djinn are known as tricksters and trouble makers that have fire-based energy.

Water Elementals live in water and maintain water as well; they never take a physical form that is visible to the human eye. Water is a cleansing element; with Water, we learn how to balance our emotions, how to clean our spirit, our mind, and our heart. Water takes the shape of the surface it fills, it teaches the ability to adapt to different situations. Water Elementals are Mermaids, Undines, and Water Spirits.

Mermaids аrе aquatic creatures wіth thе head аnd upper body оf а human аnd thе tail оf а sea-creature. Mermaids арреаr іn thе folklore оf mаnу cultures worldwide, including thе Nеаr East, Europe, Africa аnd Asia. Mermaids аrе ѕоmеtіmеѕ аѕѕосіаtеd wіth perilous events ѕuсh аѕ floods, storms, shipwrecks аnd drownings. Thеу саn bе benevolent оr beneficent, bestowing boons оr falling іn love wіth humans.

Undines are first named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus. Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. Although resembling humans in form they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful he is fated to die. The Undines also cleanse waters that have been poisoned by sewage, industrial waste, chemicals, pesticides, and other substances. They work ceaselessly to heal the polluted seas as they recharge the electromagnetic field of the waters with currents of the Spirit. Their bodies are conductors of cosmic currents resounding through the chambers of submarine life.


Mermaid Spirit


Elementals are what give many of the great forests, oceans, and wild areas of the world that magical feeling that is hard to describe until one has felt it for themselves. Elementals are the reason one feels peaceful and relaxed when sitting under a tree, by a river, on a beach, or in a meadow. You do not need to go far to find Elementals, no matter where you are in the world. A plant in your garden will have Fairies living on it, a tree in the Metro Parks will have a Dryad within. The Elementals surround us every day.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit


Are you aware of the Elementals in your life?


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