Guides in the Shadows

‘No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.’

– Buddha

Last week, my writers’ group gathered at the home of one of our members. We had a great time discussing our writing, talking about our day, and nibbling on food. Wow, the buffet that our host put out! For the three of us that were there, (Three could not make it- we missed them!), there was vegetables with dip, guacamole with chips, two different types of cheese and crackers, hummus and pita chips, fruit and cookies, and of course wine. Plenty to eat! She is an AMAZING person!

While we were there last week, I found out that one of our members is a mental medium. She is able to sense spirits and communicate with them. She was able to feel the energy of the mother of one of our writers. The communication between mother and daughter seemed to bring peace.

This activity inspired a spark within me! She was going to be an instrumental character in my upcoming book! A physical medium that would be a personal advisor to my hero. The close friend that she needs in such difficult times. Another strong, female role to shoulder the leadership.

This blog is the research for my character. I owe it all to my good friend, she knows who she is!

Spirit Guides

“Physical Mediumship is the process whereby someone, in Spirit, usually known as a spirit operator (as compared to a spirit communicator), works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the medium and causes something physical to happen on the Earth plane. Physical Mediumship is objective in nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, everyone is able to see and/or hear them.”

Mediumship: Physical Mediumship

Mediumship is an inherent element of the Spirit. Anyone can develop the ability to communicate with the Spirit and be receptive to the influences of the Spirit. However, not everyone can become a Physical Medium. Physical Mediumship requires certain elements to be present within the person, either you have those elements or you do not.

First, there must be an abundance of what is known as etheric matter within one’s body. (See my blog Parasitic Energy Vampires…) The etheric layer is in immediate contact with the physical body and performs two basic functions:

  1. It acts as a storehouse of energies which come from the prana (sun) and from the kundalini (earth). This energy feeds the physical body in a way which compliments the energy which we receive from the various foods we eat.
  2. It acts as a bridge of consciousness between the spirit and the body. Specifically, it acts as a bridge of energy and consciousness between the astral body and the physical body.

A person who has an abundance of this vital energy-matter has the potential of becoming a Physical Medium. Physical Mediums have the ability to manifest physical phenomenon through Spirit Rapping, Spirit Lights, Ectoplasm, Sounds, Smells, and/or Direct Voice Communication. Each Physical Medium has his/her own Spirit Guides to assist in this journey.

Hamsa, Hand of God

Spirit Guides can be labeled as Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters/Enlightened Beings, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, or Elemental Energies. Some believe they are Spirits residing upon the earth, in a tree, on a mountain, or in a body of water. Anything that holds energy has the ability to use that energy to communicate.

Many people believe they have Spirit Guides. If you believe you have Spirit Guides, they are there simply to guide, not as entities that you need to worship. If a Guide has a negative influence on your behavior, there is a good chance it is something else entirely. When it is time for your Guides to help, they tune into your energy and guide you to fulfill your earthly mission.

Here are five ways your Spirit Guides might try to contact you:

  1. Meaningful Coincidences.
  2. Significant Objects.
  3. Vivid Dreams or Visions.
  4. Sensing a Presence.

Are the Spirits trying to reach you?

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