Lord of Death

‘We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.’

– Buddha

In my writing class, we have a fellow writer Kat. She is an amazing poet! She has Synesthete, which makes her art all the more interesting. Synesthete is when someone may see sounds, taste words, or feel a sensation on their skin when they smell certain scents. Kat uses her poetry to share the unique experiences she has each day. Please visit her website at unholyimaginings.com. I would like to thank her for inspiring me to write a poem for my site.

Lord of Death

The air is hot and dry,

elevated high up in the mountains.

He looks out,

surveying the land.

His troops are busy,

preparing for the battle to come.

Doran has been planning,

this is his life’s work.

She will be arriving soon,

his daughter and her own forces.

The battle of wits,

the fight for this world.

Evil vs. good,

who will win this event?

Many will participate,

few will see the final chapter.

Passion exists on either side,

only one will be victorious.

What side do you choose?

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